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 Write your views more and more replies

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Alnaby Lover

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PostSubject: Write your views more and more replies   Tue Apr 14, 2009 7:14 pm

Peace be upon you and the mercy of God

My brothers and sisters members of [b] forums lovers Prophet - may Allah bless him and peace --

Offer you some tips and instructions for activating the write
I hope we will all benefit from this rapidly

If the subject see the writer
More and more to the theme of the interaction by Bactbapth and to include it in a section of the Forum shall

1_ Do not use any symbols in the writing of the title of all kinds


Address the issue of books in this way
@ @ # # All the Job
Explicitly # # @ @

If the researcher on this story in the forum or the search engines will not
Write the title of his research in this way, but would accept the writing discussed in this format: all Job
Therefore, it is better to write the title of your themes in this way to facilitate access to
Write first seen by the search engines:
Job quite frankly

You can
The work of internal decoration of the title of the topic at the beginning of your themes in order to coordinate the matter and the method

2_ tide in the non-use of the floor

Almdod and D is to take the floor
A larger area and enlarge the floor for example:
Job or

3_ lack of movements such as the plastic arts of the word:
Job or

4_ not to repeat the letters in the word, such as:
Jaoowoowoowob or

Course, symbols and words are difficult to verminous quick and easy access to engine
The meaning of symbols is the decoration of some of them! @ # $% ^ & *) (_ + ~
They are numerous in the writing of the writer used the theme

I hope everyone
Benefit that I reached the idea of non-use of symbols and in the writing of headlines Almdod

Of course, this information includes all the subject headings in all sections

I wish all of these are committed to the process for there to be members and visitors
Many see the write

You my best wishes for success
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Write your views more and more replies
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